The Award Ceremony

Guangzhou Motor Show //November 15 th, 2018





1.) Lexus ES
2.) Toyota Camry
3.) The All-New Audi A8L
1.) VW All-New Touareg
2.) Lynk & Co 02
3.) Mercedes-Benz the new G-Class
4.) The All-New Audi Q5L

1.) Jaguar I‑PACE
2.) Lexus ES 300h
3.) NIO ES8

1.) Lamborghini URUS
2.) Ferrari 488 Pista
3.) Ferrari Portofino

1.) Volvo XC40
2.) Lynk & Co 02
3.) Lexus ES


The Jurors


  • 01_Wang Gang

    Wang Gang
  • 02_Cui Jun

    Cui Jun
  • 03_Fan Xin

    Fan Xin
  • Gao Hua

    Gao Hua
  • 05_He Fang

    He Fang
  • 06_He Yi

    He Yi
  • 07_Jin Jun

    Jin Jun
  • 08_Li Geng

    Li Geng
  • 09_Li Wei

    Li Wei
  • 10_Li Xiaofei

    Li Xiaofei
  • 11_Liao Hong

    Liao Hong
  • 12_Liao Zhaohui

    Liao Zhaohui
  • 13_Liu Hongcang

    Liu Hongcang
  • 14_Liu Yu

    Liu Yu
  • 15_Li Nan

    Li Nan
  • 16_Miao Jun

    Miao Jun
  • 17_Peng Chuanmei

    Peng Chuanmei
  • 18_Song Haitao

    Song Haitao
  • 19_Song Qing

    Song Qing
  • 20_Wang Fang

    Wang Fang
  • 21_Wu Pei

    Wu Pei
  • 22_Xia Dong

    Xia Dong
  • 23_Yan Cheng

    Yan Cheng
  • 24_Yan Yupeng

    Yan Yupeng
  • 25_Yan Xiaoou

    Yan Xiaoou
  • 26_Ye Mingde

    Ye Mingde
  • 27_Yu Yingzhao

    Yu Yingzhao
  • 28_Zhang Qi

    Zhang Qi
  • 29_Zhang Liwei

    Zhang Liwei
  • 30_Zhang-Xiaoming

    Zhang Xiaoming
  • 31_Zhao Yi

    Zhao Yi
  • 32_Zhou Zhan

    Zhou Zhan
  • 33_Zhao Ran

    Zhao Ran
  • 34_Wang Kun

    Wang Kun



The Car Media



The Award


The Location             The Schedule

Pre-Selection of eligible vehicles by the Jurors & PRIME Research

Voting for the top 10-15 models for each award into Semi-finals

Voting for top 3 vehicles

Test drive of top 3 vehicles
Final voting for top 3 vehicles supported by PRIME Research

Announcement of the Award winners at the evening gala of China Car of the Year: China Car of the Year, China GREEN Car of the Year, China PERFORMANCE Car of the Year, China DESIGN Car of the Year and China SUV of the Year